Membership is open to every Ebem person resident in the USA by virtue of birth, marriage, and permanent residence, as well as persons, groups and corporations who share and subscribe to the views, interests, beliefs, and concerns of this Organization regardless of sex, race, color, creed, religion, or national origin.
(a) Membership by Birth: Those whose parents or grandparents were born in Ebem Ohafia, or the person seeking membership was born in Ebem Ohafia or was adopted by an Ebem Ohafia person.
(b) Membership by Marriage: Membership of a wife who is married to a son of Ebem Ohafia.
(c) Membership by Permanent Residence: Membership of a person who has resided in Ebem Ohafia for seven (7) or more years. The act or fact of dwelling in Ebem Ohafia for many years shall be a determining factor.
(d) Honorary Membership: Complimentary title conferred on a member or non­member recognized for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service to this Organization. Sponsorship by an active member with the consent of the Executive Committee is required. The decision of the Executive Committee is also subject to ratification by a majority vote of the General Assembly.

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